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When meeting the XY’s X….

BY sunshine @ http://www.sunshinenjoy.blogspot.com/

” I have been thinking of a bunch of futile questions for quite some time now, the origin of which can be traced back to the seemingly redundant and deceptively non-innocuous subject of how to deal with the ex. Your ex, your boy friend’s ex, the ex of the person you are romantically interested in, your ex’s wife, your ex’s ex, any relationship you can conjure with the word “ex” in it. Of all the permutations and combinations you can concoct, this is the situation eating up my seemingly important time right now-

How do you come to terms with the ex of the person you like, especially when the person is around in a social setting? Are you supposed to feel anger at the ex, jealousy that she was entitled to things you wish you had when she was not an ex, or simply happiness and relief at the notion that she is an ex, and thereby you stand where you stand? Are you supposed to face her squarely, or supposed to hide around in the party behind the curtains? Are you supposed to drown your sorrows in a glass of drink? Are you supposed to be vigilant at the person you envisage a relationship with in future, looking for telltale signs of lost and found chemistry to gauge where you stand? Are you supposed to make friends with the ex’s present, thereby trying to break the ice in the process? Are you supposed to dress boldly and defiantly to get you the extra bout of confidence you so very desperately need? Are you supposed to skip the party, for the sake of your peace of mind, so that you don’t spend the next day at work chewing on your pen and wondering what happened and what could have happened and what did not happen? Or better still, are you supposed to forget the screwed up romantic lives of the people around you and just enjoy, as if there were no ex’s and no presents and no pasts?

Relationships my friends, especially the unsuccessful ones, are still things too complicated for me to handle. And this I say not just from personal experience. For people meet and people bond and people break up and go their own ways, leaving poor souls like me to live in the aftermath of their belligerence.

Just my thoughts.

sunshine. “


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