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Well, first of all let me get this straight. This post is not about my totally hot communication leader. She is pretty hot though, i must write something on her too. But this is not about her. Also, this is not about the girl whom i loved and confessed my love(sort of). I already have written a post on her. Also, this is not about the girl whom i liked and never confessed. Both of them left the office, you know. So, anywz, this is not about all those girls. So people expecting all that might just stop reading here. The rest of it might disappoint you, you know. For this post is about a pretty ordinary girl in my office(who thinks otherwise though). Sometimes people just ignore her and she goes ignored. But she does not really cease to exist, you know.


I remember that incident when we all had just joined the company. That was some 2 years ago. Well, at that time, there were just two girls whom people noticed really. I mean amongst the new joiners you know. And none of them was she. Yet she was always somehow found around one of these girls. Well, on such day when the two of them(a much-noticed girl and TGIMO) were walking towards the two of us(me and my friend), and we were totally engrossed in noticing the much-noticed girl, that we totally did not notice that TGIMO was actually waving hello at us. Well her frantic waving went totally unnoticed and so did she. The much-noticed girl did not notice us though. We thought that was rude of her. Not that we were really worth noticing. But we learnt about TGIMO and how she went un-noticed , just a few months back. Well things had changed by then, and i was about to be beaten up badly for that. It was pretty bad on our part though. I mean, i am sorry and all, but it wasnt really something i could help. Typical boys, i tell you.


So that’s the extent of which she went un-noticed you see.  Well that was 2 years back.  She did pick up herself remarkably well, in two years. Now we can’t really not notice her. Mostly because we’ve started talking to her. A lot infact. And now, she might just beat us up, if we do so. She has got these swift moving hands you know. Mostly she uses them to pinch us, and slap us. Not on the face though. I don’t tolerate that. But she does pinch pretty hard you know. I have been on the receiving end a lot. In fact it’s almost a daily affair now. And i havent really reciprocated equally. I could actually hit her only twice. And even then there were no witnesses in my favour.  I did hit her though, twice. Once was this morning. I must watch out for revenge now.


TGIMO is sad these days, as she had to switch places. Earlier she was at this prime location, just at the entrance to the office, where people coming in or going out, would inevitably notice her. Some came in to drink water from her bottle. Some even came to talk to her. For most of us, i mean me and my friends, it was more of a recreation centre. I just went there, when we needed a break from our stupid work. It was fun. I got the cold water. That too free. Well, not really free. I did have to talk to her. It would have been pretty rude otherwise though. But it made her happy. I mean she did smile and laugh and talk to us. It was worth seeing her happy, you know.


Well, TGIMO is sad now. She has shifted location to a pretty remote corner in the office. I hadn’t really gone to that corner in the  last 8 months or so. That was when the last guy in that corner left the company. No one really goes there. Except that now she sits there. So people are getting used to it.  A lot of people don’t really know she has shifted. A lot of ones who knew that, did not know, that such a corner even existed.

But no one can really miss where she sits. I mean you can see the place distinctly, you know. Mostly because it looks like a huge gift shop. There’s a horse. A straw one. There’s a stupid butterfly. There are some gods and all that. And a lot of other gifts. A lot of stupid boys gift her stupid stuff. I havent really gifted her anything. Well, i did gift her once. But that was her birthday and all. (That does not mean, you should not gift me stuff, TGIMO. You know, i love gifts so much). She keeps asking me for gifts, you know. She also has a lot of key chains. She also had a pretty good pen stand, which i stole from her actually. It was good. I keep my stuff in it nowadays.  (Please let me keep it TGIMO, and also please don’t hit me for this, ok).
Anywz, so TGIMO is a bit sad these days. She’ll be happy soon enough though.


But serious stuff aside, TGIMO has actually become a very good friend in office. And not just to me, but to the whole group of we idiots at office.  Of course, she is the biggest idiot of the group. She has got this pretty girlish habit of wanting to hear her own praise. But she is a girl you know. Sometimes, i ignore this fact and then she beats me again. It’s not really fair you know. Some people even give her that. I mean praise her. I hear a girl called her cute today in office. Well, the girl who called her cute, is herself quite cute, as said by many. And i wasn’t there when she called her names. So you can never be sure. I personally cannot call her cute. Cute is for cats you know. I mean i love cats. Cats are just so cute. Just like pretty girls you know. So i don’t really call her cute. She takes great offence in this. To the point, she even tried to strangulate me today. But she isn’t that strong really.  Pretty skinny girl. She should eat more. I always tell her that.


You see, the thing about TGIMO is not that whether she is cute is or not. Like i said, i know of a lot of cute girls. But then, all those cute girls are not my friends. Where as , TGIMO is my friend. And am not shy to say, that one of the best i found here in  Hyderabad. I wont describe her as cute or beautiful or all that stuff which some people say to her. Its her character that strikes me the most.  A free spirit she is. Always cheerful enough on the front, even though she might be torn apart inside. Childish demands for paani-puri, and tantrums thrown at you for almost anything. Her silly mis-quotations, and her stupid maratha pride. Her constant abusing and more constant punching and pinching.  But you know what. It’s all worth it. For when she does all of this, she seems to be happy. And it shows on her face. For a girl, who many would simply ignore at one glance, she shows a surprisingly happy face. A stupid I-Don’t-Care attitude also. But i wouldn’t have minded that, if i were her. I love her for what she is.


She makes a difference to the company. At least my company. I mean she gives us company in whatever things we pull her into and when she does, she totally entertains. When she’s not in office, there is an awkward silence in the office.  Well, it happened once like that.  But then, many people were on leave that time. It was hauntingly peaceful then. Is hauntingly a word? Never mind, it was.


By the way, she asked me to make a sketch of her. I managed this. Pretty Realistic it is. 


Anywz that’s all about TGIMO for now. I might get some beatings tomorrow morning. But i guess, its worth it. I told you why. I won’t repeat. Oh, i just learned today that she’s like worth some 28 lacs. I mean the money that her father would pay to the guy who takes her away and all. Pretty impressive. Its a lot of money.


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Its 10:48 am in the morning. A hot summer morning.  Some people don’t consider 10:48 am as morning. It’s nearer to noon they say. The sun is on top however. A young boy, dressed in a blue un-ironed shirt, which has turned all wet probably due to the sweat , is standing by the road side, desperately trying to hail a cab to office.  There’s a tree nearby for shade, but too many people are standing under it, so the boy has to stand in the sun. The pollution from the cabs and buses is coming on to his face, and he curses under his breath. He can feel a narrow stream of wet sweat running down his back. He is pretty flustered now. It has been 6 minutes now waiting for the cab. Oh, by the way, that young boy is me, myself.

10:51 am

A cab finally stops in front of him. The fare is decided upon. It’s a mere 10 rupees, but he is willing to fight with the cab driver if he demands 1 rupee more than that. The boy hops in. A bit of relieved from the heat outside. Ready to go.

10:56 am

Struck in a traffic jam. The cab driver has taken the longer route in the hope of getting more passengers, and now the cab is stuck in a traffic jam. A beggar nearby, not at all crippled and in surprisingly good shape, is asking for money, more like demanding for it. The boy turns his face in the other direction, to avoid the beggar. Its getting hot, and frustration levels are increasing. He wonders if the other people in the cab are thinking the same. Its getting late for office.

11:03 am

The traffic jam finally clears, and the cab starts to move again. Its 25 minutes to office from now, considering no more jams. Boy lets a sigh of relief. Adjusts his posture.

11:28 am

Thankfully no more traffic jams. Boy reaches his office building. It’s just on the other side of the road.

11:31 am

The boy is still on the same side of the road. Too much traffic. The boy is unable to cross the road and reach the office building which he can see in front of him. For every 2 steps he takes forward, he takes 3 backwards. It’s frustrating to do so in the hot afternoon sun. No trees nearby.

11:32 am

Finally enters office building. It’s very late to office now. He generally arrives by 11 am at max. He wonders if the manager has arrived or not. Also searches his brain, for any particular morning meeting. He doesn’t remember any. But still, its late. He fastens his pace a bit now.

11: 33 am

The boy is just about to enter his office, when he sees the totally hot Communication manager coming down. ( He has been working with this communication manager, on internal communications for the company.  And the new girl is totally hot , universally accepted so by all male employees of the organization. Ever since then, the boy has been a cause for jealousy , for all employee friends, male and female. Some would even kill for his position. ). The Communication Leader(CL) , smiles at him and signals “food” to him. The boy flashes a smile in return, as he forgets everything else. He  forgets that its late to office, as he accompanies the CL to the coffee shop.

11:54 am

Stupid chit-chat and a lecture by the CL to the coffee-shop guy over cleanliness and hygiene, took a lot of time. But the coffee was good and so was the sandwich. Maybe it was just the company he had.  They both now start for office.

12:00 pm

Finally reaches his cabin. The AC is on, and he feels relief now. He logs on to his system. He doesn’t switch on the lights. He prefers working in the dark. On his system, there are 5 blinking windows. There are 2 announcements for report submissions and other deadlines. He realizes the deadlines are already dead an hour ago. There are 3 other chat windows, all asking the same question…”Hi , Where are you?”. One is the manager. One is the irritating senior whom he works with. And one is th CL with whom he just had coffee downstairs. The boy relaxes and opens up his mailbox. 6 new messages in GMAIL since last night. 5 people have commented on his status message on Facebook. He smiles with pride. 1 mail is from a college junior asking for vacancies in his organization. There aren’t any, and he is too lazy to just search for any. Logs onto Facebook and reads the latest updates since last  night.

12:20 pm

Finally opens the outlook for emails. There are 16 mails. Most of them are stupid corporate announcements, which he just marks them as read. He doesn’t like to keep unread messages in his outlook. There are a few reminder messages for deadlines which elapsed while he was having coffee with his CL. Was his manager angry, he wonders? Quickly dismisses thought. There are also 6 emails, which are a chain of random gossip doing rounds in office, among his group of friends. Apparently some girl has stated a quotation wrongly, and now all the boys in office are just making merry, doing “Reply to All” with their witty comments. Useless girls and useless boys,he thinks. He catches the thread and joins the fun. (His comments are always more fun than the others).

12:40 pm

Senior pings again. Same question, “Hi, Where are you?”. This time he replies , “At my desk”. Senior wants the report which he was supposed to give her last evening. (But last evening, it was IPL between Mumbai and Hyderabad, and since the senior had already left, he thought he could do the report the next day morning, that was today) . Oops, the boy says. He quickly says, “Sorry” and tells the senior the report would be ready after lunch . He can sense the irritation behind the chat. Nothing to do but . It’s almost lunch time now. Checks the Facebook messages once again.

1:oo pm

Its lunch time now. He isn’t hungry , because of a late-morning sandwich and coffee. But he doesn’t want to say that to the guys he goes out for lunch. It would be a unneccessary topic for gossip and he knew, such news spread like wild fire. So he just accompanies the guys to lunch. Takes a juice and explains that he isn’t feeling hungry at all. The guys eye him with suspicion( he was known for his large appetite and insuppressible hunger). But they are hungry themselves and don’t bother much. Usual chit-chat follows.

1:45 pm

The boys return to office. They have their lunch in the cafeteria in the building next to theirs. And in the hot summer noons, going and coming back, tires them a lot. The boy enters the first cabin he sights, in search of water. The cabin incidentally belongs to one of his dear friends. (A stupid girl,who keeps on emailing stupid messages to all friends. No one complains though, as its such fun to participate in comment threads with the sole aim as to get on the nerves of this girl. Sweet girl really. Not so much bold or fearless as she thinks herself to be, but an integral part of his friend circle, and also a very good friend of the boy in office anc the city in general). The boy finally gets water and satisfies his thirst. And then he gets into a discussion with this girl and his colleague (They talk of pretty useless stuff, like the comments on her email,the comments on his blog, the dress that she wore to office that day or the day before, or what all “draupadi” had to bear as the wife of 5 husbands from the latest book he had been reading).

2:oo pm

Boy gets a phone call, from the manager. There’s a meeting on and the whole team is waiting for him. He hasn’t really shown his face to anyone in his team since morning. He hasn’t even done the report he was supposed to do last night. The boy is a bit worried now. He excuses himself from the girl, goes to the coffee machine, pours himself a cup of a dark-brown-syrup they call coffee in office, and hurries to the conference room. Which conference room did the manager say??……

End of Act Two Scene one

To be continued….

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