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Well, sorry for the delay in posting a new year post. It has been a tradition(almost sort of), and i didn’t really want to break it. But then, i was stuck in a meeting. And all i could manage was to look out of the huge window, at the brisk traffic, and almost keep myself from sleeping off.


Meetings and me, are like a Polar bear in the Sahara Desert. I mean, i come in almost reluctantly. When i enter the meeting room, am almost panting and short of breath. And then, 20 minutes into the meeting, i have the bewildered look of an animal who will do anything just for survival. And finally, i hibernate and get lost. And that is when i get those crazy ideas, some of which have the potential to change the world around us.


Meetings today, in today’s corporate offices, are all “physical” meetings. I mean, all team members and also some invited non-team members, gather together in small room, for a stipulated period of time, and discuss stuff. Don’t ask what the stuff is. Most of us don’t know that, and that can lead to a huge debate. The entire meeting however is done in a very orderly manner and follows a strict protocol.


Since Corporates today are huge advocates of the Gandhian principle of “Do your own work”, Bosses rarely hire secretaries. But given their demanding work, and work commitments, generally a team member is assigned the duty of arranging his team meetings. This in the words of the boss, is the assigned person’s contribution to the team. This in the words of the team member, is a huge-unrewarding-headache.

The first task is to find a conference room free for a time slot of 1 hour. This is a task, that can take anything from 30 minutes to one full day to complete, depending on the organization’s activity that week.

The next step is to send out the meeting invite once a meeting room has been decided upon. This is a particularly simple task, as it doesn’t involve interacting with people much and can be done from the solitude of one’s own cubicle. The plan is simple, send out an invite and then forget the outlook for the next few hours to avoid any angry declines and tentative maybe’s for reasons as petty as ill health on the day of the meeting.


Finally on the day of the meeting, reminders need to be sent to all the invitees, confirming their participation. This is a 4 stage process which involves,

If these don’t work then finally security is dispatched with angry faces to hunt down the employees, and escort them to the meeting room. And so the meeting begins, after a 15-20 minute delay. The rest of the team members are already hungry and demanding a free lunch by then. The boss in a typical nonchalant way, says there are no budgets.


Finally after the eventually 10 minute meeting, some another poor chap is assigned the work of writing the minutes of the meeting and uploading it on the team server.

































AND that is where my idea comes in. Well, that was what i was thinking when i was looking out of the meeting room window. It was a true “out-of -the-box” thinking that led to this idea.  For in the world of technology and Social Media and Web2.0, meetings should be held only and only on the web.


The solutions are many. Enter Technology.

No Conference Rooms Available. No Problem. Lets meet in a virtual world. The place can be anything. From the beaches of Australia to the streets of Paris. Time can be from a convenient morning breakfast to a lavish evening dinner. And it would be much more fun.

But a lot of corporate offices have firewalls and other such securities, which don’t really allows real world in office, leave aside virtual worlds.


No problem. Use the latest thing thats in. I mean Facebook. Offices all over the world are infiltrated by Facebook. And it can be an exciting new way of having team meetings.



























Most people just laugh on my ideas. A lot of those ideas are on this blog itself. It doesn’t really make me a genius. The fact that some geniuses were laughed at does not imply that all who are laughed at are geniuses. They laughed at Columbus, they laughed at Fulton, they laughed at the Wright brothers. But they also laughed at Bozo the Clown. Nevertheless, feel free to use this idea of mine, liberally to misinform and confuse employees in your firm about the serendipitous architecture of viral participatory wisdom of crowds that is Internet and the web 2.0.

And btw, Happy New Year 2011.




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