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Ok, its easy to guess the post from the title itself. But trust me, you don’t know how disastrous it really is…when three wild pathetic guys live together under one roof,  and try to be something which they never were in college, that is decent and sober and everything good that one can think of.

So you see , this is the story of 3 guys, more of a real-life play, who have just completed one year of jobs in a city which is far far away from the homes of all of them. They live in a rented house on the 2nd floor of a big house owned by an old lady on the first floor, who appears to be sitting on a big heap of money. The house itself is worth crores, and the guys have contemplated murder and property capture, on more than one occasions. They have the guts , but no real will power. Except the shrewd cat like eyes peering into you from behind those circular glass frames each month when she asks for rent, and a daughter so black it often makes them doubt her genetics, everything’s just about fine with the family. There was also a niece who came to stay for sometime, and had a brief affair with one of the guys, all thorough the eyes though. But those eyes are gone now.

Their next door neighbours are a family, which consists of a man, a woman, a tiny child ( i think they call those creatures infants) , and a sister to the man. They are supposed to be living there, from much before the boys started living there. The boys now enjoy a good morning wake up call, when there are some strange sounds of loud pitch, right in the morning , at a time, when boys like them actually get some sleep. The boys have now vacated the room which has a shared wall with them. One of the guys is anyways stone dead when asleep, almost as if he has sold some horses or something.

Ok, so these are the central characters of this play.

Oops, i forgot the maid. So there , we have this “suguna” . I think it means “jewel” or something , but the guys i don’t think have ever thought of such a trivial thing. Although everybody gets screwed at work , and though the guys themselves are no shiney ahujas or shakti kapoors themselves, yet its a common unsaid thing between the three of them, that shez quite a babe. She has been such a integral part of the household now, that she takes the guys for granted, often to the annoyance of the guys themselves.

So, that makes the character set of this play called “Three men in a house And other disasters”.

And yes, there was a very wicked aunty on the ground floor, who had a dog which they all hated for it kept barking the whole night, crying out in hunger. The only reason the guys tolerated her, was because of her totally hot daughter, who would sometimes come out, to give a glimpse, with the dogs obviosuly. The family moved to an independent house, and with that the only real beauty in the otherwise ugly house, was gone. But now, they have a newly wed bangali family downstairs, and the boys tell me, the girl is smoking hot again. Good compensation they beleive.

There are some minor characters too, but they mostly come and go.

Ohh…and the disasters, will come to that in the coming scenes.


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