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truth_and_lies_tThere’s this question i have been thinking now for quite some time, why
do we lie. By we, i mean we human beings who have been given this
ability to think, reason and speak. Since a lie, is essentially the
opposite of truth, is it a fault in our reasoning brain, or is it
something that comes out naturally from reason. But then, is the reason
itself justified, since the natural outcome of it is something which is
not essentially TRUE.

I myself have been a liar, i think. And a big one at that. I lie all the time.
Maybe that’s become a habit for me now. I cant remember when did i lie
the first time. As far as i can think, it was way back when i was in
class 4th or something. It was a GK test, and i was not particularly
good in general knowledge. Plus, they asked me what was the first animal
in outer space. I had no idea of outer space, inner or outer,at that
age. And they sent an animal at outer space. Boy, that was new thing to
me. But, what was that animal, was something out of my scope of general
knowledge. But then,i had this boy genius next to me, who turned out to
be the GOD of GK. All i did was peep into his paper, and i managed to
make out the words, LAIKA, a bitch. But that was my first time, and the
boy was a bit over-smart and he caught me red-handed. Next, he asked me
, did i cheat from him? And there i was, shaking my head in a big NO,
opening my eyes wide open, to add to the dramatics. That might be my
first lie, and it was self-defence. And yes, even a culprit has the
right to self-defend.

Growing up over the years, i told many many lies. Lies to my dad, when i
said i didn’t touch his expensive chinese pens. That again was
self-defence, against my dad’s wrath for the pen was broken and disposed
off too. Lies to my mom, when i said i have done my homework, or there’s
no homework for the day. That was laziness, insincerity for which
childhood is famous.

A few more years. A little more growth. I still lied. Lies to my dad,
when i said i hadn’t touched his purse at all, didn’t even know how it
looked like. That was necessity, a necessity to treat friends in school,
something which he would have never understood. So, i lied. Then i lied
to my mom, when she asked me , with which girl i was with after school.
That was one fine day when i came back late from school and she actually
asked me this over lunch. I obviously lied. But that was embarrasment..maybe a bit of fear too. The food got stuck in my throat.

A few more years. Again, a little more growth. In college i lied again.
I lied to my dad, when i told him, i need money for course books. I
never bought those books, and the money went in parties, no sooner than
the came. I lied to him, when i aksed him to raise my monthly allowance.
The money went into making new (girl)friends, over the phone, long
hours. But that was youth. And in youth, you cannot really speak truth
to your parents. Then, i lied to my mom, when i said am studying the
night before the exam. The bottle of vodka, on the table was testimony.
That was again youth..part fear too.

A few more years. NO MORE GROWTH. Am in a JOB. Great isn’t it? Except
that it isn’t. Life sucks when you are in a job. And the lying increases
manifold. For example, you cannot tell everyone, your job sucks. You
need to be happy. And that happiness itself is a big lie. Then to find
the true happiness, you go to places far and wide with friends. And then
you again lie to your mom, when you say you are sleeping in your bed,
when you are actually drinking beer by the pitcher, somewhere ,
someplace. Thats …. i don’t know what is is. You might suggest.

I have got this theory that if you lie and you are creative enough,
lying comes naturally to you. And noone can stop you from doing that.
Some people call me creative. So, you see i lied. Maybe i lied about my
creative abilities as well. Maybe i lied about my lies as well. Maybe
all i am is a guy , making this all up, and am no more than a figment of my own
imaginations. Or, maybe , this is the first truth i have ever said.

If you do believe me however, there’s one truth , i would like to say.
Inspite of all the lies i have ever said, i have never lied to my
friends, the closest and dearest ones, the ones i love. For them, i try
to be the most truthful guy , in the world. And that’s just how i am.
Lies i have said many, but am also proud of saying truths, when i could
have easily got off with a lie. Like the maths class, in my college
second year, when my next-bench guy was caught laughing at a “cartoon”
drawn by me. The teacher threw him out of class, obviously, but i who
had a certain repute with this professor, walked out too. And that was
just me.

And of course, i could be lying about all this.
I read it somewhere,

“Lying increases the creative faculties, expands the ego, and lessens
the frictions of social contacts.”
– Clare Booth Luce

Wonder how true it is…or is it also a lie…??


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