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I’ll begin the post, by summing up the last 24 hrs. For that i first need to recall, where exactly i was , 24hrs in the past. ya, i remember, i was in my room ( silly thing to say, really). My 7th semester exams had ended yesterday, and trust me it was the biggest disaster in the history of mankind ( restricting myself to the engineering lot here ), since 9/11. 7th sem exams, am told are always like this ( did they say disastrous ??). I recall someone told me that our seniors last year ( what with the great bonds they were), could manage to get only 2, 8 pointers and the rest were happy with 6 pointers. In that retrospect, i guess, i should be HAPPY.

Nevertheless , after coming back from the last exam yesterday, and that too half an hour earlier ( i had absolutely no clue, as to what was asked in the paper), i dedicated some of my time in drawing a graph of my performance this sem, and was very surprised to find it resembling a Gaussian distribution ( damn me, am really pathetic na ).Anywz, after spending the afternoon, drawing this stupid graph, then taking a bath at 3 pm( as soon as the bathroom was free, somehow everybody wanted to take a bath today ,almost as if to wash away the smell of exams from their body ), and doing a saawariya special Ranbir kapoor style dance in the privacy of my room, i was ready to conquer the world and so i settled down nicely in the comfort of my bed.

And there i was 24 hrs back.The night was pretty ordinary ( had a vegetarian dinner ) and slept a 12. This morning woke up at 11, to find Pakistan reeling a 150/5 and i literally jumped out of my bed to go run see a bit of the LIVE match ( one of the privileges i enjoy, with the TV room next to my room). Another Monster-in-law movie and am writing this post.

And i feel like “the kings of the worlds ”
OK, that’s probably SRK dialog, but hez got no copyright over it…lolz.
But guess what am HAPPY…indeed happy.

Now, the meaning of HAPPINESS has somewhat eluded the mind of the average Indian young mind. When I was in school , people told me happiness is getting 90% in board exams. We know that , kid ( guess maybe because they themselves never got so much ).When I got those 90% , they told me happiness was getting into a top engineering college…they called it IIT and i had no clue about it, i mean the oxford dictionary had no such word in it at that time. When I did that , happiness was defined as getting out of IIT and earning a salary which is in seven figures. Arre 100% happiness yehi hai . “USA mein researchers bhi yehi kehte hai. ”

Now When I have done that ( its six figures for me though) , happiness is ?
Hello ! What is it nowwww ? Oye kake, ab bata bhi do.
So ladiesh and gentlemans , now that the world has been telling me what to do , this is what I have learnt – all the above stuff is important( or else you’ll end up telling your sons and daughters, and your grandsons and granddaughters and also other people’s bachchas the same crap you’ve been hearing) , BUT happiness is something they don’t need to tell you about . It is something you feel . And only you decide what makes you happy . When others don’t know where you want to be , how can they tell you how to get there ?

Like , for me , HAPPINESS is…..
On a lazy Sunday , I get up with the sound of my favorite song playing on my computer, i complete a fabulous work of art, watch India winning a test match, eat an awesome lunch , and watch a roller-coaster comedy movie or a romantic one or a sci-fi one.

When am sitting at the ghats with the water flowing at my feet, under a clear moonlit sky , no lights around me and a complete nothingness in front of me ; and i call my best friend just to describe what i feel.

When ma asks me to get up and take a bath and I just pull up the covers over my head when its almost 10 in the morning and say to mom, “Chill , ma. Itni subah kaun nahata hai, can i have a cup of coffee.”

And when mom does give me that coffee cup and i get up and sip that morning coffee.

When I say stupid things to someone who would not think “Huh? This guy is a crazy bastard.”

Talking to someone who understands me , and accepts me even when I am all boring .

Playing carom with Papa , and beating him at it too . ( We don’t do that anymore , it was really hard beating him).

Caring for someone I want to care for.

Loving someone, I want to love.

Meeting a bunch of friends in an empty house on a lazy morning and crack pathetic jokes about our college professors and why worst guys get the best girls and of course gossiping about each other, often taking sides.

HAPPINESS is just , being me .

So you see , what makes me happy is stuff I have not achieved , but stuff , which , I already have , had all the way along . So I know I need to achieve things , but hey , there is no hurry . Because I need to achieve things to survive , but to be happy , not much is needed . Some music ,a dear friend to talk to and my favorite food, will do just fine for now.
Basically that’s my idea of 99.9999% HAPPINESS.

WHAT’S YOUR IDEA OF 99.9999% HAPPINESS…? comments are welcome….lolz.


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