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Its 8:45 am. A home in Hyderabad. There’s a bed in one corner. On the bed sprawled is a half-naked(its the summer season) innocent looking creature(thats me obviously). There’s a laptop next to him on the bed itself. There are some books too(you know what kind, wink!! wink!!). At the table next to him, is a cell phone. Next to the cell phone is the TV remote. Both these things are perched on top of a pile of newspapers, which have yellow stains on them indicating that  they have been used more for dining and less for reading. The fan is rotating at full speed, trying desperately to cool the hot room.

8:45 am
The alarm in the cellphone rings. The ringtone is highly highly irritating. (Interested people can contact me for getting the tone). There is a painful expression on the face of the roommate next room.A hand shoots out from the bed , searches for the source of the noise. Gets the cell and presses the buttons, still in sleep. The alarm stll blares on. Opens one eye to see, that he has been pressing the tv remote. He curses himself, makes a mental note to keep the tv remote away from the cell phone, and snoozes the irritating alarm .

9:00 am

The alarm rings again. The boy continues sleeping. The room mate in the next room is highly irritated.

9:15 am

The alarm rings again. The boy continues sleeping. The room mate in the next room is more irriated.

9:30 am

The alarm rings again. The boy continues sleeping. The room mate in the next room cannot control it this time.He comes and kicks the boy in his protruding ass. Boy wakes up startled. The alarm still blares on. He tries to sleep again, but is pulled down on to the floor by the evil room mate. The alarm finally gives up and goes into snooze mode again.

9:34 am

Boy realizes its late for office. He jumps up, wide awake now. He must brush his teeth. (The other day, he forgot to do so in the morning rush. He didn’t remember until the boss asked him, what had he eaten for breakfast. He knew he forgot to do something that morning, just what he couldn’t remember). The toothbrush is found quickly. Its the one with the pink handle. The orange handle one is of room mate, and he remembers room mate had threatened to kill him, if he used his toothbrush ever, even in his sleep.

9:36 am

The toothpaste cannot be found. There’s an old tube there, but the new yellow tube which was bought a few days back cannot be found. He checks the bathroom. He checks the other bathroom too, which he does not use. Still no clue. Its getting late for office. Briefly considers skipping brush. Evil thought. Discards it soon. Frantic searching continues.

9:45 am

The toothpaste is found underneath the pile of newspapers on the table near the bed. No one knows, how it got there. Room mates shake heads with wide eyes, claiming innocence. No time to argue now. Happy to get the toothpaste. Proceeds with brushing teeth. He does not like the taste of this new toothpaste. The red one was better, he thinks.

9:55 am

Boy thinks, he is almost ready. Will be in office at the right time, the first time since joining. A quick shower would take just 2 minutes. He steps under the shower. Feels the warm water on his body (There’s no geyser, but the water at 9:55 am is quite hot in the summers). And just as he rubs the soap over his body, he feels the water from the shower trickling. The trickle dries up soon. He is irritated now. He lets out an irritated shout to his room mate, to switch on the motor downstairs.

10:00 am

Boy gets outside the bathroom. Soap all over his body. Goes to his room mate, who conveniently tells him, he didn’t hear him shouting. The boy is frustrated now. He tells room mate to switch on the motor now. Room mate calls to the other room mate to do the same. For a few minutes, both room mates fight over, whose turn it was to switch on the motor. Meanwhile boy just stands there, dumbfounded, shivering a bit.

10:07 am

The dispute seems to be settled. The motor is switched on finally by the first room mate. The shower is running again. Boy takes a quick shower this time.

10:13 am

Boy searches for a wearable shirt for office. Hopes of reaching office early fade away like everyday. The blue shirt is not ironed. The red one has a dirty chocolate stain on it. Curses the maid under his breath. Rest all the shirts are demanding a wash, desperately. Room mate looking at the boy from the corner of his eyes. His wide eyes, warning boy against wearing his shirts. Boy finally decides on the blue shirt. No time to iron it. Its getting late.

10:20 am

Its already late. Boy realizes he cannot reach office before 11 now. So he decides to switch on the tv for a few moments. The latest movie song is quite catching. Must watch the movie. What happened to the cricket match last night, he remembers. He surfs the tv, trying to find the sports channel. After a few minutes of searching and another few minutes of advertisements, he finally learns the score. Satisfied, the boy switches to the music channel again.

10:38 am

Oh, shit! Boy realizes he is screwd. The socks are a bit smelly. He drenches the socks with his deodrant and wears them in a hurry. Then the shoes. Shoes need a wash desperately. He has been playing cricket on weekends in the same shoes. The black shoes are now almost white. No time for nonsense now. Makes a mental note of things to do and rushes out of home(Forgets the keys and the company id in the hurry).

End of Act one Scene one

To be continued….


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The other day , I was returning from office. It was around 9 pm. The usual time. Also the usual mode of transport when i am not being dropped by my friends or when i am not being picked up by my room-mate. But it wasnt such a usual night after all. I was on a phone call when i boarded the cab. Surprisingly,  there was no one but a single girl in the back of the cab. I thought the cab driver beckoned me to join him at the front, but i was on a call and didn’t notice much. Besides the girl at the back made room for me and i just made myself comfortable.

Half way through the 30 minute journey back to home, I felt this girl drowsing. She seemed to be swaying like a dandelion in the gentle breeze that blew in from the sides. But she didn’t seem drunk. Hell, i have travelled drunk in late night cabs, and i knew the feeling. But she didn’t seem drugged either. But she was high, definitely high when she fell asleep on my shoulder in a short while. I was still on my call, and i didn’t really know how to shrug her off. So i let her rest there.

Soon enough, i was at my drop-off point, the usual. But as i got down from the cab, i turned around and asked the cab driver, whether he knew the girl at the back. I caught a glimpse of the girl for the first time, in the penetrating street light, and for the first time that night I saw what she was. A simple girl, early twenties, possibly late teens, not the rich dolls( rich dolls don’t travel in common cabs), who had a strange alarm on her face as i asked the cab driver about her. The driver of course nodded in agreement and before I could enquire further, the cab just sped away. But not before I could catch a glimpse of the same girl, waving good-bye at me, Smiling  now.

I couldn’t really make out anything from the whole incident. I stood there for a few moments, pondering and staring at the full moon in the sky above, before i started moving again. And it was then that it hit me. There was no particular reason why i felt so, at such an unusual moment, but it hit my mind with the full force of a speeding truck.
I was 24.

My birthday was on 15th of february and this particular night in question here, was i suppose the 17th, 18th perhaps. I was no longer a kid now. I was a grown up now. For a brief moment that night, i thought i could have done more for this girl who perhaps acknowledged my selfless enquiry about her, but wishing for more at the same time. But i didn’t do anything.

Over the next few hours and also the whole of that night, my whole life kind of played in my mind like those books you know, which when you flip the pages at some speed, the stills convert into a story of sorts. Like that.

My birthday is on 15th. Which means its on the next day of valentines’ day. Which means, it just loses its significance to a more lets say popular thing. Not that its bad in any sort. I mean, people remember my birthday because of it and valentine’s day doesn’t seem to be so bad, the years when i don’t have anyone to share it with. But then it loses its significance too as you grow old each year, one at a time. You don’t realize that time’s flying out. I don’t know of others, but for me it’s definitely the case, more so because of this peculiar birth date. Not this year.

I am not going to bore my audience(if I can call them so), by going through my life story here. Frankly speaking, i find that too difficult to express in words here. All that i see everyday, all that i have seen and all that I did see when i was in Kanpur this time, for a brief vacation. I cannot express all that i saw, in words capable of capturing the attention of you all , in the same  way those visions did mine.

But, the journey doesn’t stop here. It’s still a long way to go. There are still a hell lot of things to see and witness and be a part of, even for those who think they have seen too much of life already. Only Death can stop this journey short, that is if you believe so. Personally, i do think that death can only kill the body and not the thought. But that’s a totally different subject we are dwelling here.

Anyways, There’s this immensely  popular poem, which says “Miles to go before i sleep” and all. I think you can dig that up on google or something. Robert Frost i believe the poet/writer whatever. It’s hugely philosophical and too mature for the kids to whom it is actually taught.

What i am saying is, i don’t know why i remembered that poem of all the poems i studied when i was a kid. I did remember it though.
And yet, i am 24, just 24 or omg 24, am still unsure, but….

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