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Club-Boss-ProgDear Boss…aka Manager…aka ATM.

Just a small mail to say that , I know that you totally deserve this 1 week of holiday , and also that your family too deserves 1 week of you (not sure of the kids though), but its been 3 days of office now without you , and frankly speaking what seemed like a very exciting coming week, when you announced your vacation plans last friday , has now become a drag and quite dull frankly ( the weather contributing to that ). I know that you have family responsibilities and all, but you belong here, and this is where you are needed.

Let me just tell you some of the happenings in the office while you are away.

  • The work that you assigned to us before going on vacation is progressing at an awesome rate. The team members who have not gone for vacations, have worked together in a very efficient manner, assigned 80% of the work to people who are on vacations and doing the rest of the work quite diligently. They are still brainstorming on how to get work done with more and more external help.
  • Some of the seniors in the team who are still not on vacation , are quite serious in work these days. They have not assigned themselves the ordinary work , but are seeing moving around from place to place , in great hurry, the whole day. We sometimes also see them punching in lines of codes into the computer, although for no more than 5 minutes.
  • ‘S’ comes to office at 12 in the noon, and leaves at 5. He says he loves working under the new “flexible” work hours. Others are also searching the local Intranet for labour guidelines at the company.
  • We are not having any meetings this week. That leaves us with almost no work at all. That also explains why i am taking so much pains in writing this letter, on my office computer.
  • The IT guy has complained that there has been a sudden surge in Web traffic, due to our team , over this week. We have tried to explain it to him , that managers of other teams are also on vacations, so it could not be us only. But he refused to take our word for it. So we had to deal with him in other ways. The “violence-at-work” policy came in handy , in the whole thing. Also, some people i saw, put in your SSO ID in the username field. Am sure, it must have been a mistake.
  • Also i must complain that, some of the guys have threatened to hurt me, and one of the guys has tried to strangle me too. I was just trying to maintain some discipline in the team , by sneaking in from behind and checking out what websites they were surfing. They got annoyed and told me not to impersonate you , in your absence. They also swore names and cursed me. I got confused as to who exactly were they cursing.
  • I think we are already missing your jokes. It’s weird, because i swear that the entire team was pretty much distressed and horrified with your poor jokes, just a week back.

Finally it has been a long week. I have come to understand how difficult it is for you to manage a team of 20, most of which are absent-minded while the rest of them are just happy to come-surf the web-go home.
So boss, please come back soon.
I promise, we’ll behave more responsibly in the future.
PS : Don’t screw my EMS.

Thanks and Regards


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