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FIRST LOVE…….the very idea of first love is as romantic as the thing itself. Think about it and all of a sudden, there’s spring in the air, a friendly warmth in the atmosphere around you, a cool breeze kissing your forehead and ruffling your hair. I mean this is what we all imagine , is it not?
And now i am about to break this notion, because first love is nothing like this.
In fact first love is more of a painful story than a wild fantasy.

One thing’s for sure, everyone does have a first love. But there are really a very few who actually get their first loves. For most of us, FIRST LOVE is the girl next door, or the girl next seat in the class, or the girl he talks to on the phone for hours without even realizing that, or the best friend whom he always took for granted.

And out of those, very few have the courage to actually accept the fact, first to themselves and then in front of the world.
And out of those, very few have the luck to actually get their FIRST LOVES.
but…not without some real pain.
And believe me, for all those who have watched MP3 and are thinking of proposing to their loves under the Eiffel tower, believe me, the real life is very different from what u actually see.

For starters, lets sort out the differences between MP3 the movie, and MP3 in reality..

1) Dudes, Eiffel tower is in Paris….know Paris??….Italy…Europe….ring a bell ??
The important thing is….far away from India….ok…somewhere in the heart of Europe.
So playing truant and escaping to Paris…spending 40,000 ( 4 with 4 zeroes after it ) of your dad’s hard earned money….is just not so fascinating.
Its more foolish, than romantic.
You know, there’s a very fine line between foolishness and romanticism.
So, running away to Paris, like its the “nukkad waala chai ki dukaan” or something…is more on the other side of the line….the foolishness side that is. Of course, the idea is utterly romantic…something that would lead to spluttering of eyes on the totally blushed face of the girl, and she might even implant a kiss on your cheek in return…..but a 40,000 Rs. kiss ( 4 with 4 zeroes after it ) is actually a bit costly, by any standards…i mean even when the dollar values are falling.
So, the advice is….wait for her return to India…
Thats a bit more real.

2)Girls…and girls…please don’t think that boyz dance about in their bedroom to the sound of rock , with some hair band on their heads. I mean thats absolutely not true. Ok, all normal boyz, love rock ( some soft, some hard)….and many normal boyz like to have long hair, but we definitely don’t dance about in our pyjamas, in our bedroom, in front of loud music , in our own houses when all our family is but in the house and not with any hair band in our hair. So, girls might as well drop this picture, if they ever thought something even remotely close to this.
That would be more close to reality.

3)One more thing, i wish my father was so considerate to give me 2500 Rs cash and a chauffeur driven car, for my first date. Please, thats not true in reality. No father would do something even remotely similar to such a thing. For most guys and girls, the first date is more of a secret…something which only close friends know about.I can’t even imagine the scene, if somehow our parents come to know that, we are spending money on some girl , when the money was actually borrowed for buying course books.
You know, how fathers are in India.
Picture them now, and that would be more real.

4)MP3 the movie, ends when the painful stuff starts. first love is not a very pleasant thing. You are confused in your mind, You are distracted in your work, You can no longer concentrate on your stuff…and things like that….and believe me, it drives you mad. and the thing is, it always ends. LOVE
ends soon enough and then it leaves behind memories which tend to haunt you forever ( i mean until you find your SECOND LOVE that is)  and SECOND LOVE is a very elusive thing actually. i won’t go into the details of second love here.
But the point is , this is more closer to reality.

So, you see, MP3 is a movie to be enjoyed and not believed ( though it has lotz of true facts too about boyz and more about girls).
FIRST LOVE….is not quite the thing they show in movies.
i mean the spring that they show, the breeze that they show…are all artificial.
There’s no such thing in real life.
There’s no “Eiffel tower proposing” in real life.
Finally the notion of FIRST LOVE is only a wild fantasy of the crazy human mind.
And for those of you, out there who oppose me, feel free to leave a comment.
And for those of you, who actually believe the above bullshit….ping me on some messenger….we will join forces…and start some war or something.


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