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For the first time in my twenty-something old life, am actually in a metro city of India. And i guess, a brief description of the city is really itching to come out of my head now

The thing is, i won’t take any names in my narration here ( It has been actually found out in surveys in the US that, NOT taking names in a narration , stimulates the curiosity of the human mind , after which it doesn’t rest till it gets its answers ) ).

To start with, the city is full of hills. So much so, that i actually have to cross 4 hills on my way to the office from my temporary residence ( “Apna bhi permanent address hoga kabhi na kabhi” ). I can’t remember one single stretch of flat road or even a street, however hard i try to imagine. Flat roads in this city are as rare as Gold medals for India in the Olympics ( India however did win a GOLD in 2008 olympics yesterday , thus breaking its own record of longest period of time in sports history without any gold ).

Then, there is the rainy season of the city. Somehow , i have landed in this city at the same time as the Indian Rain God. Next, all i see is rain and rain and more rain and yet more rain. I would like to mention here, that i am not a very fond admirer of the rains, even if it is a drizzle as harmless as KHALI when he’s not angry. And then, its like the rain god testing me with torrential rains, every day at precisely the same moment, when i get out of my office for home, or vice-versa. For the past 2-3 weeks, my life has been caught up in a vicious cycle of cursing the rains, getting drenched and cursing again.

Then, no mention of this lovely city goes without a mention of the city auto drivers. The auto-drivers of this city can be broadly categorized into three main classifications. First there are the ‘ONES’ that go ‘RESERVED’. These are the ones that wait patiently for their victims, and then charge inexplicably high prices for distances as small as virender sehwag’s footwork on the crease.

Secondly, there are the ones which travel the city on ‘SHARING’ basis. These are the ones, that roam around the city from stop to stop like a door-to-door salesman, and manage to deliver a person to his/her destination in the smallest of delivery spaces.

And Finally, there are the ones, that go ‘NOWHERE’. Broadly accounting for more than 40% of the total auto drivers of the city, these are the ones, that refuse to deliver you, even if you feign a severe chronic heart attack in front of them and blame them for it.

Somehow, with a little bit of intelligence, luck and money on your part, the city transport is in real good shape , promising 99% on-time deliveries of people from one corner of the city to the other.

BUT, if i combine the above points, add the poor water management system of the city, put all of these into a mixer-grinder, i get a fabulous ripe-juicy city, where the cool wind will refreshen you at any time of the day, where the water running with full force, down the sloped streets will give you the impression of a city living under a huge waterfall and where walking up and down the slopes is the best work-out that anyone can have. Its a city one would love at first sight.

Every city has its shortcomings, yet it is home to thousands of people who wake, live and sleep in the same city everyday, much oblivious to any negativities. And when a city captures your heart, in the very first few weeks of landing, such a city speaks for itself.

Yet, I HATE THIS RAIN.                         



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